Toronto Car Auctions by Autozen

In the vibrant city of Toronto, where the pulse of urban life is matched only by the bustling traffic on its streets, finding the perfect vehicle can be both exhilarating and challenging. While going to a dealership or buying from a private seller are both well-established ways to buy a new-to-you car, there are also many car auctions in the GTA where you may be able to find the deal of a lifetime! Let’s review what’s available for you as a Toronto-area car buyer.

Car Auctions in Toronto

Copart has is an international car auction company with an excellent reputation. Their Toronto yard is just down the 401 in Bowmanville, where you can view cars before bidding for them online.

IAA Holdings has multiple car auctions every week at their Oshawa and Stouffville locations. They have both online bidding and on-site sales, and specialize in salvaged vehicles.

North Toronto Auction holds frequent auctions from their location in Innisfil. You can view vehicles ahead of time, and then bid online or on-site. They sell off fleet vehicles, repos, and government consignment.

Abrams Public Auctions holds online auctions with the opportunity to view vehicles at their North York location.

Classic Car Auctions in Toronto

If you’re looking for a summertime cruising car, collector car auctions are a great way to find a reasonably priced classic car.

Coast 2 Coast Collector Car Auctions  holds classic car auctions a few times a year in Barrie and Toronto, where consignment and classic and antique cars are put on the auction block. These exciting events are live auctions spanning several days.

Bryan’s Farm holds periodic classic car auctions for the GTA at their sites in Puslinch and Trenton. While some auctions are on-site, you can bid on others online, and either way have the opportunity to inspect the cars before the auction starts.

Collector Car Canada runs online auctions for sellers from across Canada, with many cars located in southern Ontario. You can reach out to owners and arrange for an opportunity to view the vehicles before the bidding starts. They also run frequent cruise nights throughout the GTA for you to show off your classic car after you buy it!

Toronto Car Auctions: What to do Before Bidding

Participating in a car auction can be an exciting but also unnerving experience. However, these tips from Autozen should help steady your nerves and make this a rewarding experience!

Car Auctions: Prepare Before You Bid

Before you do anything else, familiarize yourself with the used car market in Toronto. Log on to dealership websites, as well as platforms for private car sales, including AutoTrader, Kijiji, and Facebook Marketplace. Take a couple of afternoons to wander around local used car lots as well. You’ll get a sense of what makes and models are popular, and how much they can cost, depending on their condition.

Be aware of the rules regarding car auctions in Toronto. You will need to work with a licensed broker to buy a car at most auctions in Ontario. Many auction houses will put you in contact with an eligible broker to facilitate this for you.

Toronto Car Auctions: Know the Payment Policies

Also check the payment policies for auctions. While the specific time frames may vary a bit from one company to another, the basic rules are that once your bid has been selected, you have to pay an immediate deposit of 10 to 20%, with the balance required within as little as 24 hours. If you cannot afford to pay cash up front, talk to loan companies ahead of time so that you will have funds available when you need them.

Used Car Auctions in Toronto: Get to Know Them

Don’t actually participate in an auction, online or in person, until you’ve had a chance to check a few out. Give yourself the opportunity to get a feel for what the atmosphere is like at one of these fast-paced events. This can help you keep your cool when you’re actually bidding for yourself.

Always set yourself a hard cap on how much you’re willing to spend, and don’t go above that in the heat of the moment. Also factor in auction and broker fees, as well as the cost of transporting your car if necessary. 

Selling Your Car at Auction in Toronto: Trust the Autozen Process!

Do you have a current vehicle that you are planning to sell? Autozen’s innovative approach to car auctions can net you a tidy sum, while at the same time eliminating the hassles of trying to sell your car in Toronto.

Selling a used car to a dealership can be a quick process, but you will not get the best price for your vehicle, as the dealer has to resell your car at a markup to make a profit. Selling your car privately can result in more money in your pocket, but it can take weeks, and you’re left having to deal with not only multiple interested buyers, but also handle the paperwork that goes along with transferring ownership of a car. Luckily for you, there is a better way to sell your car in Toronto!

Autozen has a simple business model: they sell your car for you through an online auction exclusively for dealers from across Canada. You have to clean up your car and gather your paperwork, and then we take care of the rest! An Autozen expert will be the only person who you have to show your car to. They’ll inspect it and take it for a test drive, and add it to the next auction, usually within a few days. Once you’ve accepted the winning bid, we pick up your car and paperwork, and pay you then and there.

Auctions are not only an exciting way to find your next car, but also the perfect way for you to get the best possible price with the least possible effort. Talk to Autozen about the ultimate car-selling experience!