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What to expect at an Autozen walkaround

Here’s what you can expect with a scheduled visit from one of our Autozen experts.

What is a walkaround and why do I need one?


A walkaround is an inspection visit from an Autozen expert at a time and place that is safe and convenient for you. They will take photos and gather your car's details plus they'll take it for a quick test drive. 

This is an important step that allows us to create a comprehensive listing that is an accurate representation of your unique car. 

Completing the in-person walkaround will allow us to showcase your car to our large network of buyers that trust our thorough process and will provide offers with the same confidence as if they were seeing your vehicle themselves. This investment by Autozen is what makes our service more valuable than an online instant cash offer or services that ask you to take your own pictures and upload them.

How to prepare for your inspection

  • Have your keys ready
  • The vehicle is insured to drive
  • License plate is installed
  • Quick tidy up inside the vehicle
  • Quick clean on the exterior to remove dirt
  • Have your extra set of tires ready (if applicable)
  • Remove any snow and/or ice (if applicable)
  • For the best photos, select an appointment during daylight or choose a location with good lighting

What happens at a walkaround

autozen key exchange

Hello Autozen expert!

Firstly, you’ll be notified when your Autozen expert is on their way! You can even track their location.

Upon meeting your Autozen expert they will:

  • Take the keys to the car 
  • Ask you about any major things to disclose
  • Complete the inspection 
  • Hand you an FAQ sheet
  • The visit will last approximately 30-45 minutes

Autozen tip:

If you have add-ons, special features, factory accessories or extra sets of tires, let us know so we can add them to your car profile and potentially increase the value of your car at auction.


The walkaround

The entire process is a driveway inspection, so there is no hoist lifting up your car. We simply do a visual check without removing any parts. The whole process will take roughly 30-45 minutes, which you’re more than welcome to stick around for the whole thing or to go about your day.

Autozen transforms car buying with a cutting-edge walkaround car experience. Our platform makes walkaround inspection a breeze, ensuring you know your car inside and out.

Autozen simplifies car buying with comprehensive walkaround inspections. Your trusted partner for informed decisions.

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Autozen tip:

Don’t worry about little scratches and dents, everyone has them! A little wear and tear is to be expected.

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What your Autozen expert does:

  • Takes photos of the inside & outside of your car

  • Notes your vehicle identification number (VIN)

  • Inspects the outside, inside and all surfaces; tests buttons and knobs to make sure everything works such as the sunroof, heated seats etc.

  • Investigates any scratches and use a tool to check the depth

  • Takes a 5-minute test drive:

    • Checks the car's performance
    • Checks steering alignment
    • Checks AC/Heat
  • Completes an OBD2 Scan - Not applicable for Electric Vehicles:

    • This industry-standard device is inserted and connects via Bluetooth
    • It scans the vehicle and provides us with any failure codes and a health report in PDF format.
    • It’s important to note that this step is only used to scan information, the OBD2 device does not make any changes to your vehicle.
  • Looks under the hood: 
    • Tests the battery when accessible
    • Checks oil
    • Looks for leaks
    • Completes other visual checks
  • Checks tire treads and brake pads

  • Uploads your car's completed profile to the Autozen platform

  • Enters your car into the first available auction (within 1-2 business days)

Feeling overwhelmed?
It’s A LOT, we know!

That’s why at Autozen, our team works every day to understand the market to help you, our sellers, find the one buyer that is willing to offer the most.

We’re your advocate for understanding all the moving parts and showcasing your car to 100s of our pre-vetted, hungry car buyers and dealerships who will compete against one another on our platform. So rather than dealing with private buyers and dealerships, let us present the best offer from our auction platform.

We understand the market to help you find the one right buyer.

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Things worth mentioning to your Autozen expert thay may add value:

features that add value

Autozen tip:

Having a “spec sheet” makes a big difference for German cars (BMW/Mercedes etc). Having something that shows your car’s exact add-ons/upgrades helps us identify the features that can really boost your car value.

  • Features that are in high demand or rare, for example: navigation system, sunroof, leather seats, backup camera, Apple/android car play.
  • Factory accessories such as original tires, two sets of keys etc.

  • Tire treads that are not too worn - tire tread depth can impact the value of your car, in fact some dealers will have to replace tires entirely in order to re-sell it. Be sure to let us know if you have an additional set of wheels/tires.

  • Low relative KM for age of vehicle

  • Consistent service records 

  • Less than $5k in accident history (CarFax)

What happens next?

You have an offer!

Congrats! You'll receive your offer straight to your phone. Once you receive your offer, you can accept it or decline it. There’s no obligation to accept.

No offer yet? 

If you don't recieve an offer we'll will reach out to discuss your options. We watch car values closely every day so we’ll be able to update you on the supply and demand of your vehicle to help get the most fair offer.

If you haven't heard from us, please reach out to

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Vehicle Walk Around with Autozen

A vehicle walkaround, often referred to as a car walkaround, is a crucial inspection process. During a walk around car examination, one meticulously inspects every aspect of the vehicle, from its exterior and interior to its engine and safety features. This thorough walkaround car inspection ensures that the vehicle is in prime condition and safe for the road, providing peace of mind for both buyers and owners.

A vehicle walk around is a systematic inspection process that covers all aspects of a vehicle, ensuring its condition and safety. This thorough examination provides confidence for buyers and peace of mind for owners.

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