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A new world of used vehicles

Buy private pre-owned vehicles via our online auction. Inspected, qualified and delivered to your doors.

We provide a unique opportunity for our buyers to increase their used car volume by showcasing our consistently updated, untapped inventory.

We cater towards professional car buyers

The benefits our buyer partners can expect:

Get access to Autozen's curated inventory of untapped high quality and unique vehicle trims

Buy professionally inspected vehicles with absolute transparency on car condition 

Autozen does all the ground work of sourcing and finding used vehicles

Save time as we'll take care of paperwork, payment & delivery

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Here's what our partners say about Autozen 

"Autozen has been a great incremental source of new inventory for us. We're taking in 10-15 pieces of inventory a week that we wouldn't have been able to get otherwise."

Trusted Buyer

Vancouver, BC

"We love working with Autozen so far and our rep really helps to guide us during the auctions in order to get the most inventory at a price we are happy with."

Trusted Buyer

Burnaby, BC

"What I like most about Autozen is that it's saved my team time closing deals as they take care of working with the customers one on one." 

Trusted Buyer

Burnaby, BC

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Seattle Metro Area from Lynnwood to Kent

Greater Toronto Area
Greater Vancouver Area
Kelowna & Kamloops

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