Selling your car in Vancouver? Things only Vancouverites know

Selling your car is tough. Selling in Vancouver? Well, it’s not always as pleasant but then again so is the weather most of the year.

While Vancouver has a lot to offer in terms of natural surrounding beauty, fantastic restaurants and great entertainment venues. The city does, however, offer up a few annoyances (at least according to our users in Vancouver) when it comes to selling your car. Unlock the secret to maximize car sale value. Expert tips and strategies to get the best price for your vehicle. Sell smarter!

Here are three things only people living in Vancouver know when selling their cars.

  1. You’re probably going to have to sell in the rain

It’s no secret that it rains a lot on the west coast. So much so that Vancouver has earned the moniker “Raincouver.” If you’re selling your car privately then you’ll probably have to meet in a driveway, a nearby street or a parking lot—and, it might be raining. Sellers beware, have an umbrella ready for those oft days.

  1. You’re going to get ghosted - a lot

It’s no secret that people in Vancouver are a little cold (hey, we ain’t New York though!). Getting ghosted by text is an actual thing in this city and it’s no different when it comes to seller’s etiquette. You’ll often get one or two buyers who take a test drive, ask you to hold on to the vehicle while they get their financials in order, send you a low ball offer and then disappear into the digital ether. Just cold.

  1. It’s not all that bad actually

Vancouver has steadily grown into Canada’s silicon valley. As a hot bed for technology companies and start-ups, there are a few notable companies making selling a car easier -like us. Read more about how we’re changing the car selling experience. Opt for the advantages of selling your car privately. Maximize value and control your sale process. Sell your car your way!

If you’re in Vancouver and looking to sell your car and you’re tired of the rain and ghosting you don’t have to look any further than Autozen. Born and raised in Vancouver and we promise we won’t ghost you!

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