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Life happens. You may get a new job in another country, or the sedan you bought suddenly doesn’t have enough room for two car seats and a stroller. Or, maybe you’re just in the market for something new.

Selling your car isn’t easy in any scenario, and it certainly isn’t easier when there’s pressure to sell against a timeline. A rushed sale usually leads to poor decisions that ultimately affect your bottom line. Obviously, not having time on your side is a difficult factor to contend with. Yet, there are some ways you can avoid losing out on getting the most out of the sale of your vehicle.

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Here are three things to consider if you need to sell your car fast:

1. Buy yourself some more time if you can

If you’re moving out of the country or in a circumstance that requires you to sell your car within a certain timeframe, try to buy yourself some more time if you can.

If the offers you’ve received are lackluster, but the date of your eventual move is looming, see if family or friends will help you sell your car. Obviously, this is a big ask. However, if they’re willing to help you out, then this may buy you some more time to get a better offer.

2. Sell your car online

Selling your car online with services like ours makes it easy to sell your car because you can do it from anywhere. If you’re moving out of the country and haven’t yet received an offer within your range, a service like Autozen will come to where your car is to appraise it. You’ll also have a firm offer in hand prior to the appraisal, so there will be no surprises in the final offer or sudden last-minute rejections.

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3. If it’s lower than your range but close to it… sell

Sometimes the best offer at hand is the best offer you’ll get. The other thing to consider is that time is not only against you if you need to sell within a certain date. But, your car is not getting any younger either, and the market doesn’t really bode well for cars as they age. It hurts, obviously, to lose out on any value, but waiting it out (especially for some types of cars) won’t necessarily improve the outcome.

Selling your car is a difficult proposition, especially if there’s an immediacy to sell. It can also be an emotionally draining experience, especially if a considerable sum of money is expected to be lost. The best thing to do is to see what options you have available and to make the most rational decision within the timeframe you have. If you’re in a rush to sell, and time isn’t on your side, we might be able to help. Get your valuation for your car now, and if the offer is right, we’ll make the sales experience a lot less stressful.

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