Buy and Sell Cars in Vancouver by Autozen

In the vibrant city of Vancouver, where the pulse of life resonates through its diverse neighborhoods and scenic landscapes, the need for efficient and reliable transportation is paramount. When you're looking to upgrade your vehicle, Autozen is your go-to partner in navigating the dynamic Vancouver car market. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of selling cars in Vancouver, highlighting the best strategies and tips for a seamless experience.

Selling a Car in Vancouver: Your Options

When you need to sell a car in Vancouver, you can choose between several different methods. Let’s check them out!

Selling a Used Car to a Dealership in Vancouver

Selling your used vehicle directly to a car dealership is probably the fastest way, as you may be able to walk out the same day with cash in hand. And if you still have a lien on your car, the dealer will be able to work with your lender instead of you having to handle that yourself. Finally, if you are planning to replace your car with another one, using your current vehicle as a trade-in can help you negotiate a good deal with the salesman.

However, the cash that you walk out with probably won’t be as much as if you had sold your car privately, as the dealership needs to make a profit when they put it out on their lot for resale. As well, the salespeople at a dealership have lots more experience at negotiating a deal than you do, and you might end up accepting a lower offer than you’d like. But if a speedy transaction is more important than the final price, a dealership could be the right solution for you.

Selling a Used Car Privately in Vancouver

You can, of course, opt to sell your used car privately, cutting out the middleman and maximizing your profit. There are several good online marketplaces where you can post your car for sale and cast a wide net for potential buyers.

The downside of selling privately is that there is more work involved for you, between dealing with prospective buyers and dealing with the red tape of finalizing a private car sale. Also, finding a buyer and completing a private sale can take weeks, if not months., If you aren’t comfortable with all this, you should look for an alternative way to sell your used car in Vancouver.

Selling a Used Car on Autozen

Luckily for you, Vancouver is one of the cities where Autozen operates! If your car meets our criteria, it will be added to our online auction platform, and could be sold within a few days. All you have to do is accept the winning bid and collect your pay-out. We take care of all the tedious stuff for you!

Selling a Used Car in Vancouver: Getting Started

Even if you don’t want to sell your car privately, there are some key tasks to complete before approaching a dealership or Autozen. Let’s look at how you can ensure the best result when selling your car in Vancouver!

Research the Market

The best way to get started is by finding out what the competition is doing. For you, that’s other private sellers and used car dealers in the Lower Mainland. Check out online platforms to see what similar makes and models are selling for, and get a sense of how briskly they’re moving. Visit car lots to get a better idea of the average condition of used cars like yours, so that you will know what buyers will expect from you. Whether you will be setting your own asking price on a private listing, or need to know what you can reasonably expect in an offer from a dealer, this first step is vital.

Get Your Paperwork Together

If you are selling to a dealer or Autozen, the only essential document is your ownership. Dealers won’t need a safety inspection or title search, as they will conduct that before making you an offer, and can provide the rest of the required paperwork themselves. 

For a private sale, however, it’s a good idea to have a current safety inspection report, as well as a Carfax vehicle history and lien report. These documents will assure buyers that your car is a good investment. Also include any warranties and maintenance records.

Fix Up Your Car: Turn Old Into Gold

You should present your car to buyers in the best possible condition to ensure that you can get a good price for it. Start by having scratches and dents fixed by a body shop, and replace worn brakes and tires, noisy exhaust systems, and cracked or chipped windshields.

Once those issues have been dealt with, get out your vacuum cleaner and give the interior a thorough cleaning, and then shampoo the upholstery and carpets, and finish by polishing the vinyl. Wash and polish the exterior. If you’re selling privately, you’ll need good photos for your listing, so take those while your car is squeaky clean and looking its best!

Selling a Used Car Privately in Vancouver: The Rest of the Process

If you’re selling to a dealer or through Autozen, you don’t have much more to do at this point. However, if you’re selling privately, you’ve got lots left on your to-do list! Let’s go through it.

Create Your Listing

First, write up a compelling description of your used car. Be honest about its condition, but emphasize attractive features such as an upgraded sound system or a back-up camera installed after you purchased the car. Select photos that show every angle of the car. Set a price that isn’t so high that it scares off buyers, but isn’t so low that it doesn’t give room for compromise in negotiations.

Don't stop at just one online platform for listing your used car in Vancouver. While AutoTrader is a natural fit for selling a car, Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace are also popular sites for selling used cars. The more sites you use, the more people will see your ad!

Dealing with Buyers

Once your listing is up, you should soon start hearing from buyers. Answer their inquiries promptly and courteously, and when someone expresses an interest in seeing the car, set up a time and place to meet with them and take them for a test drive.

Go into negotiations on a final selling price with the confidence that your preliminary research has given you. Know what price you want, and don’t go below it. Remind the buyer of all the features your car has to offer, and how your asking price compares to that from a dealership. In the end, however, if a buyer is too stubborn, be prepared to walk away.

Finalizing the Sale

You and the buyer have reached an agreement on the final price, and now it’s just a matter of paperwork!

Ask for payment in cash, or by certified check or e-Transfer. Once you have the money, sign the transfer portion of your vehicle registration and give it to the buyer, along with a completed and signed Transfer/Tax Form. It’s then recommended that both you and the buyer go together to an Autoplan broker to complete the transaction. Remove your plates from the car and cancel your insurance.

Autozen: A One-Stop Solution for Selling a Used Car in Vancouver

Maybe you’re intimidated by the amount of work you have to do as the private seller of a used car, and need an easier way to make the most money possible. Enter Autozen, the newest way to sell your used car in Vancouver! Check first to see if your car meets our criteria, and once you’ve registered with us, an Autozen expert will come to you. On that one visit, they will inspect your car and take it for a test drive, and take high-quality photos. Then your car is added to our next online auction, and in as little as 48 hours, you may have a winning bid from one of our network of dealers. All you have to do is accept it and hand us the keys and paperwork. You get paid right away, and that’s it!

Autozen is the best way to minimize hassles and maximize results when selling your used car in Vancouver. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can provide you with a smooth and worry-free car selling experience!