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Why Autozen?

Autozen exists to make car selling stress free

Our process is designed to help you sell your car quickly without any pressure or hassle. Our technology allows Autozen buyers to compete for your car, resulting in offers that are better than typical trade-in value.

Autozen does all the work, but you always remain in control.

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It's super easy—just a few clicks from the comfort of your home.

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Autozen brings you the best offer from 100s of buyers.

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No strangers, no haggling, no stress.

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It's free for you! We get a small fee from the buyer.

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How is Autozen different?

We bring you the best offer from  100s of Autozen buyers. Unlike the others who only send you a single buyer with just their one offer

We bring you the best offer from 100s of Autozen buyers.

Unlike the others who only send you a single buyer with just their one offer.

Autozen offers are guaranteed.

We get your car details upfront so our offers don’t change when the car gets to the buyer. Unlike instant cash offers and online dealers.

sell from your couch

Sell your car from your couch, usually in under a week.

Autozen handles the whole process for you, so you never need to deal with the buyer directly.

It's our job to showcase your car in its best light.

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"Everything was done online and in my own driveway. Literally no easier way to sell a car.
Had a low ball offer from a dealer. Funny enough the same dealer bought the car for a price I wanted.
Price came in at $1500 higher than the estimated price. Great experience overall."
Sat G.
Former Chevrolet Camaro owner


We advocate for you  so you don’t have to haggle  with the buyer

Don’t know much about cars?

Don’t worry we got you.

Our team will support you throughout the process & empower you to make the best decisions.

See how we helped Boris Bolshem of Port Coquitlam:

Showcase your vehicle in its best light

Book a walkaround with an Autozen expert.

Autozen vs Dealer trade-in & private sales

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"I have to say the whole experience was nothing but fantastic. Kudos to the Autozen team for coordinating the sale of my car. Will definitely recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to go through the stress of selling cars through platforms like FB marketplace etc. and still getting the advantage of a fair market price."

Vikram S.
Former Mini Clubman Cooper owner

Selling a car has never been this easy

1  Estimate your car

Use our online car valuation tool to get an instant valuation range based on the condition and market demand for your car.

Get your estimate now >

 2 Book an appointment

Autozen comes to you to gather details and create a profile for your car.

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3  Hundreds of buyers compete for your car

The best offer is sent to your phone, with no obligation.

If you accept the offer, Autozen handles the paperwork and pickup.

4  Get paid!

You get paid at time of pickup.

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"...and within 3 days my car was sold and picked up, and at a price that was much better than what the dealer offered. All without leaving my home. Painless, no hassle, and the people are very flexible..."

Nikki M.
Former Audi Q5 owner

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You’re not alone.
Our team will be with you every step of the way.