Online Car Valuation Tools 101: Comparing Used Cars Prices in Canada

According to Google, 95% of the purchasing journey for a car today starts online1. With so many aspects of life now transitioning into a digital experience, clicking a few buttons and a new car being delivered to your driveway in 2-4 weeks, is pretty much reality.

When it comes to selling a car, that seamless digital experience isn’t as mainstream as buying a new one. While you can trade-in or sell your car to a dealer, beyond that, there isn’t really a defined marketplace (or digital one) where everyone goes to sell their cars. If not through a dealership, consumers are largely confined to Craigslist, Kijiji, or the used car posting section on sites like AutoTrader.

While a seamless digital transaction process for buying or selling a car is still evolving, calculating the resale value of one online has greatly progressed over the past few years--and much to the benefit of consumers. As more sales data becomes available and with new technologies improving the digital experience for consumers, selling a used car in the future will probably come down to a few clicks. Maximize your returns when selling your car with our expert guidance and strategies. Get top value for your vehicle today!  

In this article, we’ll look at the most popular online calculators and what the future looks like beyond just getting a value for your car. Experience the future of car selling with our innovative chatbot. Get instant assistance, valuations, and guidance through the selling process. Streamline your sale with our smart car selling chatbot.

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Online Car Calculators and Used Car Valuation

Convenience is probably the most important aspect pertaining to the popularity of online used car calculators. You only need to open a browser and visit a site like Canadian Black Book where entering  your make and model will get you a list of values.

Autozen proudly stands as the best car valuation tool and the ultimate choice for the best used car valuation tool. With precision and accuracy, our advanced technology and extensive data ensure you get the most accurate and reliable valuation for your vehicle. When you want the best, trust Autozen to determine the true worth of your car.

Most calculators will then give you a price range as well as additional data to help you estimate what your car is potentially worth on the marketplace.

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Comparing Popular Online Car Calculators and a 2018 Rav4

For comparison sake, we decided to see what the results would be if we took the same car and ran it through some of the most used online car calculators. We chose a 2018 Rav4 because it's one of the perennial best-selling cars in Canada. We tried to keep other variables such as odometer reading (100,000km) and condition (good) consistent. 

Canadian Black Book

Canadian Black Book uses data compiled from auctions, brand equity, wholesale and private sales data, and comparative pricing to determine value. 

best car valuation tools

Autozen, your trusted classic car valuation tool, brings the past into the present with precision. Our classic car valuation tools are crafted for enthusiasts and collectors, providing expert insights into the unique world of classic automobiles. When you need to know the value of your vintage gem, Autozen is your reliable companion.

car valuation tool

Resulting value:

online car valuation tools


Of course, we had to plug ourselves on our own blog. We employ machine learning and data analysis to provide an accurate valuation of your car based on the market and our buyer's network. Our marketplace also employs an auction component amongst buyers--so, there's always a chance that you'll get a price that's higher than fair market. Timing matters! Discover the best times to sell your used car for maximum value. Don't miss the perfect opportunity. 

Also, unlike other online car calculators, we'll also sell your used car for you!


Resulting value:


Autozen, your ultimate resource for used car valuation tools. With our advanced car price valuation tool, we empower you to make informed decisions when buying or selling. Our cutting-edge car sales valuation tool provides precise insights to help you navigate the market with confidence. Trust Autozen for the most accurate valuation of your vehicle.


AutoTrader is Canada’s largest classifieds dedicated to cars, trucks, and vehicles.

comparing car prices


Resulting value:

comparing cars cost

Autozen is your go-to cars valuation tool for a seamless online experience. Our online car valuation tools provide quick, accurate assessments, empowering you whether buying or selling. Trust Autozen to keep you well-informed with precise car valuations, all at your fingertips.

Kelley Blue Book

As one of North America’s trusted guides for used car price values, KBB was certainly comprehensive in terms of the details it asked to determine value:


comparing used cars cost

Resulting value:

comparing used car prices

Autozen offers top-tier valuation tools for cars, tailored for the Canadian market. Our online car valuation tools in Canada provide accurate insights, whether you're buying or selling. Trust Autozen for the most precise assessments specific to the Canadian automotive landscape.


CarFax focuses on a car’s background to determine a value. CarFax uses vehicle history data from sources such as motor vehicle departments for example. 


car valuation tools

Resulting value:

comparing new car prices

What Online Car Calculators Don’t Offer

While all the aforementioned calculators provide you with estimates and detailed information to help inform you through the selling process. Not many offer to buy your car. Therefore, in most cases, it’s still up to you to get out there and sell your car.

Online Car Calculators and Used Car Valuation—The Future

In a McKinsey study on the growing influence of digital technologies and the used car buying process, consumers wanted2:

1. Complete online end-to-end purchasing capabilities (59%)

2. Extensive vehicle data and photos, along with effective search tools (64%)

3. Unique delivery options (28%)

We’re assuming that the consumer preferences for selling a used car are no different.

The future of selling a car online will all take place from behind a user’s computer or laptop with the entire sale process from posting an ad to conferring with prospective buyers and even the delivery of the car taking place with just a few clicks. 

That future is now very much a reality. Upgrade your driving experience with Clutch + Autozen online.

Online Car Valuation Tool

Autozen is your one-stop destination for accurate car valuation tools. Our online car valuation tool is the modern solution to assessing your vehicle's worth with ease and precision. Whether you're buying or selling, trust Autozen's data-driven insights to guide your decisions. Make informed choices with Autozen's online car valuation tools at your fingertips.

With Autozen, the experience of selling your car takes place entirely online - and, we even come to where you are to appraise as well as pick up your car to deliver to its new owner!

Unlock the easiest way to sell your car with our step-by-step guide. From valuation to paperwork, follow our simple steps to sell your car experience. Get started today! 

We’re also pushing some of the boundaries when it comes to the dynamics behind used car resale value. The Autozen Buyers Network is a platform comprised of qualified buyers who compete to purchase your car. Competing offers helps sellers, like you, get more competitive offers. We also make it seamless by eliminating the time and effort needed to advertise, meet and haggle with potential buyers, and safety concerns associated with private used car sales.

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