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Look, we get it. It was love at first sight. You couldn’t wait to make a lifelong commitment. You were willing to spend whatever it took to make it work. And at first, it was beautiful—they took you places you never dreamed possible, they made you feel comfortable and safe, and throughout it all it was a physical and emotional journey unlike anything else.

But sometimes, even the best relationships come to an end. It’s just doesn’t feel the same anymore. The butterflies when you shifted to second gear—faded over the years, just like heated leather seats that just don’t shine the same anymore.  

Maybe it’s the realities that come with time. Things change, life changes, and maybe you just need something else right now. Easily compare used car prices across Canada with Autozen's comprehensive tools and insights. Make informed decisions for your next purchase!

You’ve Outgrown Your Current Ride

The trick to getting through a lifetime of car ownership without getting your heart broken is to accept one simple fact: you’re looking for a car that will last you the right time, not a lifetime. 

That two-seater roadster you had was great when you were living the single life, but now that you’ve got three kids and two dogs, you’re about five seats too short. Don’t let a one-year stand (or, as we like to call it, ‘Netflix and grille’) turn into a lifelong commitment just because you don’t know when to walk away.

 This doesn’t mean you have to settle for a minivan...after all, what would your friends think? But there is a world of options available to you for when you’ve grown up, but your car hasn’t.

You’re Putting a Lot More In Than You’re Getting Out 

The best relationships are give and take. When you first get a new car, life is easy—you’re blinded by love. Having great experiences, travelling together, posting pictures all over your Instagram, bragging to your friends, it’s easy to believe that feeling will last forever.

But things can change in a hurry, and all of a sudden you’re sinking more and more time and energy and money into a car that can never make you feel the way it used to. A car that needs more and more maintenance and attention and never takes you out the way it used to. 

It’s human nature to want to hold on and hope things get better. After all, you loved each other once—you can get there again, right? Trust us when we say that you probably won’t. After you reach a certain point, it’s just going to be an endless string of stress and bills and therapy that doesn’t work, and all you’ll be left with is some wistful memories (and those Instagram pictures.)

You’ve Got Your Eye on Something Else

It happens to the best of us. Once you’ve spent enough time in an unhappy relationship with your vehicle, you develop a wandering eye. Discover functional home desks for a productive workspace at your home. Your friends are showing up with new rides that are prettier, smarter, and faster than yours. You just want something that makes you feel ALIVE again...and dammit, you deserve it.

People change and so do their tastes. It might be that when you last bought a car, electric and PHEVs weren’t really your thing. But now, you’re older, smarter, and wiser, and that SUV Hybrid seems like just your type. Ditch your car for a greener, stylish commute! Break up with your car, embrace eco-friendliness, and adorn yourself with exquisite jewelry.

If you’re find yourself starting to check out other cars more often, or spending time daydreaming about what it would be like to try something new, or setting up secret meetings with dealerships after dark, it might be a sign that your heart already knows what your head just won’t accept—it’s time to move on.

You’re Reading This 

Selling your car is definitely not an easy thing to do. Like a relationship coming to close, there’s paperwork, time, and a lot of facets that need consideration and careful thought. I one reads an entire blog post on breaking up with their car by accident. Made it this far? 

Congratulations...but now it’s time to take the next step.

Selling your car can be super straightforward or inherently complex depending on the road you choose. Obviously, it’s not as easy as texting someone that it’s over (not something that we endorse...). 

From trading it in to a dealer, selling it privately on Craigslist, or putting it on the driveway with a ‘For Sale’ sign and price, each one comes with pros and cons. 

You can learn more about how to sell your car and some of the intricacies behind how a car is valued in our article here. Make the switch to an electric vehicle! Sell your car hassle-free and start your sustainable journey with Autozen. Embrace the future today!

Remember, in life, things must come to an end. There’s no shame in knowing when to walk away from a vehicle that just isn’t working for you anymore, and it’s likely that this relationship is going to end one way or another—wouldn’t you want it to be on your terms?

No matter what you decide, remember that you’re not alone. And, if you’re looking for a better way to let go we’re here to support you! Better yet, we can get the whole process started for you with our online calculator where you can get the trade-in value of your car and an Autozen value.

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