Sell my Car in Edmonton by Autozen

In the dynamic world of automotive transactions, finding the right platform to sell a car in Edmonton can be a daunting task. Are you looking for a shortcut that minimizes hassles and maximizes returns? Enter Autozen – a revolutionary company that has transformed the car-selling experience in Edmonton. In this guide, we’ll show you how our online auction platform compares to more traditional methods of selling your car!

Selling a Used Car for Cash in Edmonton

There are a couple of tried-and-true ways to sell a used car in Edmonton – and then there’s Autozen. Let’s take a look at how they stack up!

Selling Your Used Car to a Dealership

If you’re looking for the quickest possible sale, with minimal work on your part, selling your used car directly to a dealership can be quite appealing. You may be able to drive onto the lot and walk away with cash the same day! When selling to a dealership you don’t have to worry about getting a safety certificate, and dealers can handle your paperwork for you, including working with your lender if you have a loan on your car that needs to be paid off. As well, if you’re looking for another car to buy, using your old car as a trade-in can help you get a good deal.

However, the convenience and speed of selling to a dealership come at a price. That is to say, a lower price for your used car. After all, the dealership has to fix up your car and put it back out on their lot to sell, and they need to make a profit. Obviously, once they’ve taken their cut you will have received less money for your car, and the buyer will probably end up paying more than they would buying directly from you.

Selling Your Used Car Privately

Selling your used car on your own can be a profitable experience. After posting your listing in online marketplaces, you deal directly with buyers, negotiate a price, and complete the transaction. Because there’s no middleman, you may well end up making more money in the end.

However, there’s more work involved, and no guarantee of a quick sale. You may have to deal with multiple interested buyers, setting up test drives, and then finalizing the sale. You are responsible for much more in the way of paperwork, and if you still have a lien on your car, you will need to deal with your loan company yourself. Depending on how long you’re willing to wait to sell your car, and how much work you’re willing to put into the process, selling your car privately may not be the best way to go.

Selling a Used Car on Autozen

Autozen is a new way to sell your car that eliminates most of the fuss and bother of selling privately, while often getting you a bigger pay-out than selling to a dealership. We sell used cars through an online auction for dealers from across Canada. You never have to deal with buyers or paperwork, and don’t even need to drive your car anywhere. We come to you!

How to Sell a Used Car in Edmonton

No matter how you decide to sell your used car, there are some essential steps to take before you show it to buyers. Let’s look at how you can make the most money with the fewest hassles!

Do Your Research

Whether you’re selling to a dealership or on your own, you need to be well-informed about the current used car market in Edmonton. Spend some time checking out online listings to see what similar makes and models are selling for, and wander around a few used car lots so that you’ll know what buyers will expect in terms of condition when it comes to a used car purchase.

Organize Your Paperwork

When selling a used car in Alberta, the only essential document is your car registration that shows that you are the owner of the car. If this is lost or damaged, get a replacement before putting your car up for sale. While a safety certificate isn’t required, it’s a good idea to get one so that buyers know that your car is in good shape. A Carfax report will provide a complete vehicle history and indicate whether there are any liens on the vehicle. This can further reassure buyers and increase the chance of a quick and profitable sale. Warranties and maintenance records are also useful.

Get your Car Ready

A clean, well-maintained car will sell faster and for a better price, so take the time to do this right. Take your car into a body shop to get scratches and dents taken care of, and if your car has worn tires or brakes, or a chipped or cracked windshield, have those replaced. Otherwise, buyers will use those flaws to negotiate a lower price.

If you don’t have the equipment or time to do it yourself, pay an auto detailer to clean your car. Otherwise, vacuum and shampoo the interior, and apply a protectant to the vinyl. Wash and polish the exterior. If you’re selling privately, this is the best time to take lots of good photos from every angle to use in listings, but if you’re selling to a dealer or through Autozen, that’s not necessary. 

Selling Your Car Privately: The Rest of the Process

If you’re going the private route, you still have lots to do! Let’s check it out.

List Your Used Car

Most buyers head straight to online platforms when looking for a used car, so that’s the best place to advertise. Write a listing that highlights desirable features such as an upgraded sound system or back-up camera, but be sure to keep things truthful. Upload as many photos as you’re allowed. Sites such as AutoTrader, Kijiji, and Facebook Marketplace are all good choices. Post on as many as you can to guarantee the widest audience.

Work with Buyers

If you wrote a good ad, you should soon hear from interested buyers. Respond quickly and politely, and set up test drives as soon as possible so that buyers don’t lose interest and move on to another seller. Meet buyers in public locations for increased safety, and accompany them on test drives to answer any other questions they may have.

Once a buyer has expressed an interest in buying your car, negotiate a price that you are happy with. Be prepared to compromise within reason, but don’t go too low. There’s always more buyers out there.

Complete the Deal

Request payment in cash, or by certified check or e-Transfer to avoid getting scammed. Then, complete and sign two copies of the bill of sale so that both you and the buyer have one.  A standard form is available to download from Service Alberta.

Sign over the ownership on your car registration form, remove your license plates, and hand over the keys. Then, inform your insurance company that you no longer own the car.

Selling Your Used Car on Autozen in Edmonton

Does selling your used car privately sound like a daunting task? Not only do you have to clean your car up, but you have to list it, talk to buyers, arrange test drives, negotiate a price, and then deal with all the paperwork to finalize the sale!

Luckily, you have an alternative to sell your used car in Edmonton: Autozen! Once we’ve established that your car meets our criteria, an Autozen expert will come to you, inspect and test drive your car, and take high-quality pictures. They will then add it to our next online auction, when dealers from across Canada will bid on your car. Once you’ve accepted the highest bid, we come and pick up your car and pay you in full on the spot. No paperwork, no test drives, no negotiating to worry about!

When it comes to selling your car in Edmonton, let Autozen do the work for you!