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Manitoba, located in the heart of Canada, boasts stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and a dynamic automotive market. If you're considering selling your car in Manitoba, let Autozen help guide you through the process! Selling a car privately in Manitoba can be an exciting and profitable venture if you follow the necessary steps.

Options for Selling a Car in Manitoba

When you are considering the best way to sell your car in Manitoba, you have two main ways to go: either selling to a private buyer or selling directly to a dealership. Let’s compare the pros and cons of these two options.

Selling to a Dealership

Selling your used car directly to a dealership is a quick and easy way to get some fast cash. You can often walk out the same day with the sale completed, and the dealer will be able to take care of most of the paperwork for you. However, that convenience comes at a cost, as you will not get top dollar for your car. After all, the dealership is going to have to make a profit when selling your car on their lot.

There are still good reasons for taking your used car to a dealership, though. For instance, if you are planning to buy another vehicle, you can often get a better deal because you have a trade-in. As well, if you are having some money flow issues, a quick sale will save you money on the car payments and insurance that you would have to continue to pay while waiting to sell your car privately. 

Selling Privately

A private sale is a popular option in Manitoba, as you can usually get a higher price than by selling to a dealership, as there’s no middleman to take a cut. With a variety of online marketplaces available to list your used car, you can cast a wide net across the province, or even the country, to find interested buyers for your vehicle.

However, there is also much more work involved with selling privately, so read our Autozen guide carefully to make sure that you are covering all the bases.

Selling a Car in Manitoba

Get Your Car Ready

The single most important factor in selling your used car will be its condition, so spend some time and money in making it look its best before you list it for sale or take it into a dealership.

Begin by taking care of any minor maintenance issues or repairs that could deter a potential buyer. A body shop can deal with small dents and scratches, and if your windshield is cracked or chipped, get a new one installed. If your tires are no longer safe, or brake pads are worn, replace them.

Follow that up by cleaning your car thoroughly. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to start on the interior. You want to eliminate any dirt, dust, debris, and pet hairs. Next, shampoo the upholstery and carpet to get rid of ground-in dirt and stains. Then, use a protectant to restore the vinyl. By the end of this stage, your car will look much better and even have some of that “new car smell”!

Finally, wash and polish the car’s exterior to make it look its best.

A clean car not only looks better but also suggests that it has been well taken care of, so spending the time and expense to make your car more appealing will go a long way towards securing a quick and profitable sale.

Gather Your Paperwork

No matter whether you’re selling to a dealer or a private buyer, you will need to have your proof of ownership, which is your vehicle registration card. This also has the Transfer of Ownership Document (TOD) attached, which you will need to sign your car over to the buyer.

A Manitoba Certificate of Inspection (COI) is valid for one year from date of inspection, and while it is not required for the seller to obtain it, the buyer will need to have one to register the car. If you have the COI already, that will not only reassure the buyer that your car is in good condition, but also save them the hassle of getting it for themselves after the sale is complete.

A Carfax report will give interested buyers a complete ownership and accident history on your car, plus letting them know if there are any liens on the vehicle. It’s another way to demonstrate your trustworthiness to buyers. 

Finally, if you have any warranty information or maintenance receipts, add those to your file.

Set a Price

Do your research to get a good sense of the value of your car before you start trying to sell it. Input the make, model, and year of your vehicle on various sites such as AutoTrader to see what else is out there, and how much people are asking. You can also find many online car valuation tools, such as this one at Autozen, that will give you an estimate of how much your used car is worth.

When advertising your car, you don’t want to set the asking price too high and scare off buyers, or make it too low and not have any negotiating room when you’re bargaining with a buyer. Take this into account when deciding on how much you’re going to ask for your used car.

Creating Your Listing

If you have decided to sell your car privately, you will want to let as many people as possible see what you’ve got to offer. While there’s nothing wrong with putting up an ad in the local grocery store, most people turn to online marketplaces to find good deals. AutoTrader, Kijiji, and Facebook Marketplace are all good options for selling a car privately in Manitoba, and if you post on all three, you’re guaranteed the widest possible pool of potential buyers.

Start by taking lots of good pictures of your car from all angles, including interior and exterior shots. Find a spot where your car will stand out against the background so that there’s nothing to detract from its appearance. Then choose the best to use in your listing.

Write a detailed ad that highlights the best features of your car, but make sure that you don’t exaggerate to increase interest. Include as many of your photos as you’re allowed. When you’re confident that you’ve crafted a compelling listing, take it live, and wait to hear from buyers.

Working with Buyers

When you start to get some interest from buyers, respond promptly so that they don’t give up and move on to other sellers. Once you have people interested in taking your car out for a test drive, arrange to meet them in a public location, and accompany them on the drive to ensure your car’s safety and answer any questions that may arise.

Be prepared to negotiate with your buyer to determine a final price. Have the confidence to know what’s the lowest price that you’re willing to accept, and don’t sell yourself short. If your car is worth it, hold out for what you want.

Completing the Sale

In Manitoba, it's a mandatory requirement to have a properly completed bill of sale as part of the sale process. This document protects both the buyer and the seller by detailing important information about the transaction, such as the sale price, vehicle identification details, and the signatures of both parties. Additionally, having a bill of sale is essential for transferring the vehicle's ownership and ensuring the new owner can register the car in their name.

You can find templates online that you can print out and use so that you know you’ve included all the necessary elements. Make sure the bill of sale is accurately filled out, dated, and signed by both you as the seller and the buyer. It’s best to complete and sign two copies so that both of you can retain one. This will help avoid any potential disputes or complications down the road.

Ready to sell your car in Manitoba? Using our Autozen guide can help guarantee a successful and profitable sale of your used car!