Classic Car Auctions Online by Autozen

Are you lucky enough to own a classic car that you’d like to sell? Let Autozen help you find the best classic car auction sites in Canada!

What is a Classic Car?

First, let’s look at the different categories of collectible cars. Vintage cars are the oldest ones, with models from 1919 to 1930. Antique automobiles are at least 45 years old, and classic cars are between 20 and 45 years old.

Of course, many older cars, while they might qualify under the age criteria, wouldn’t be considered collectible. In-demand makes and models of classic cars include the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Thunderbird, and Chevrolet Corvette. If you have a popular classic car that is in poor condition, you may be able to sell it to a hobbyist looking for a project car that they can restore as a labor of love.

Preparing for a Classic Car Auction: Do Your Research

Spend some time doing your homework on selling classic cars. Check out the most popular online auction sites for classic cars to see which makes and models are the most popular, and to get a feel for current prices. Cruise nights are a good way to connect with local classic car enthusiasts, who can provide insight into the best online platforms for selling classic cars.

Consider paying for a professional appraisal of your classic car to get a better idea of how much it’s worth. This can give you confidence when it’s time to decide on accepting bids.

Preparing Your Classic Car for an Online Auction

Once you’ve decided to sell your classic car in an online auction, it’s time to get it ready to show off. You probably shouldn’t invest a lot of money in completing repairs to make a car in poor condition more appealing. Bodywork and suitable parts for a classic car can get quite expensive, and you’re not guaranteed to make that money back when it sells.

Start by cleaning it up, whether you take that task on yourself or pay a detailer. Vacuum and shampoo the interior, and use a high-quality vinyl protectant to bring it back to life. Wash and wax the exterior, and polish the chrome until it shines.

Then, take lots of pictures from every angle to showcase its best features. Even a fixer-upper can look great if you take the time to prepare it properly. Make sure to include photos of the engine and odometer so that buyers can get a real sense of the shape of the car. 

Make sure your paperwork is in good shape, too! A car that’s been sitting out back for a few years could end up with a mouse-nibbled registration, or it may have been lost. You can order replacement documents from your provincial agency; make sure that you have them before you put your classic car up for auction.

Choosing a Classic Car Auction Site

Here in Canada, there are some great online classic car auction sites. Let’s look at a few of the best!

CCP Auctions has been running classic car auctions for 30 years, and their online auctions feature bidders from around the world. They will send a specialist to you to inspect your classic car and take all the necessary photos, with between 60 and 100 posted for viewing on the site. That way, even a buyer on the other side of the world will be able to bid on your car with the assurance that it is in good shape. Once you’ve accepted the best offer, it’s up to the successful buyer to arrange shipping.

Collector Car Canada is another good Canadian classic car auction site. While they provide on-site inspections and photos in southern and eastern Ontario, you can submit your listing from anywhere in Canada. Bidders have to pre-qualify before participating in an auction so that you can be confident that any offers made are serious ones.

Okotoks Collectors Car Auction in Alberta has been running for 50 years and has expanded to a few online auctions every year. You can register your classic car for the auction and upload your photos, but your car also needs to be on-site for viewing before the online auction begins. If you’re in the Calgary area it’s worth considering. 

Have a car that isn’t a classic yet, but you want to sell it through an online auction? Take a look at Autozen! We run an online auction platform with cars from the 2011 model year and up. You never have to see a buyer or even leave your own home! Our experts inspect and photograph your car, add it to our next online auction for dealers from across Canada, and come and pick it up for delivery to the winning bidder. It couldn’t be easier!