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Our story

We’ve all had difficulties when it comes to selling your car. These difficulties range from simple hassles and the amount of work it takes, to wondering if you really got a fair price, to more serious issues of anxiety and personal safety, especially when selling privately. We know because we’ve personally experienced these same difficulties.

We thought there must be another way, where selling your car is easy, trusted, safe, and fair. There wasn't. So we started thinking about what would be the best way to sell your car.

It would use technology to sell your car from the comfort of your sofa. With minimal effort and time commitment. No need to research car prices, no uncomfortable haggling, no unfair sales strategies — no stress. A process that was fast, and yet didn't require you to sacrifice on price. This would be the easiest and fairest way to sell your car.

We've now created it.

Welcome to the Zen Way.

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The Fair Way

The Fair Way

Our large network of 150+ professional car buyers compete to give you the best price for your car. Selling your car with Autozen is entirely free and there’s no obligation to accept your offer if you don’t like it. Plus we’ll pay you at the time of vehicle pickup.

The Fast Way

The Fast Way

Save the hassle of running around, lowball offers, and haggling. We find you the one-in-a-hundred buyer willing to pay the most. We'll help you sell your car and get paid in as little as 48 hours, all from the comfort of your home.

The Safe Way

The Safe Way

 Your safety is our priority. We ensure your safety in all aspects of selling your car. Your personal information is kept private, money transfers are handled securely, and there’s no need to meet any random strangers. You're in good hands with Autozen. 

Meet Autozen HQ 

Olivier Vincent CEO

Olivier Vincent


Laurent Villanueva

Laurent Villanueva


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Adam McCluskey

Head of Marketing

Amir Mirhosseini  VP of Engineering

Amir Mirhosseini

VP of Engineering

Ninan Thampy  Head of Finance & People

Ninan Thampy

Head of
Finance & People

Michelle Muller photo 2023- 3

Michelle Mueller

Director of Customer Success

Joni Goodman Sr. Business Development Manager

Joni Goodman

Sr. Business Development Manager

Felix Tsang  Developer

Felix Tsang


Abdul Al-Madhee  Operations

Abdul Al-Madhee


 Ka Man Lam  Junior Developer

Ka Man Lam

Junior Developer

Lordy Grewalson Performance Manager

Lordy Grewalson

Senior Performance Manager

Allen Leung - Autozen

Allen Leung


Yuri Machado Operations Manager

Yuri Machado

Operations Manager

Our board of advisors

Penny Wilson

Penny Wilson

ex-CMO Hootsuite
Former CMO Juniper Networks
Former CMO Macromedia
Chia-Lee Simmons

Chia-Lin Simmons

LookyLoo CEO
Tech entrepreneur
Former Amazon and Google senior executive
Pauline Moller

Pauline Moller

Creative Labs CEO
Former COO Zynga
Former COO EA Sport
Former President EA Canada
Ali Kashani

Ali Kashani

Head of Postmates X at Uber
Serial tech entrepreneur
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Matt Beckstead

Product at 7Geese, Google and Meebo