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Auto Sales Walkaround

What is a walkaround and why do I need one?

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A walkaround is an inspection visit from an Autozen expert at a time and place that is safe and convenient for you. They will take photos and gather your car's details plus they'll take it for a quick test drive. 

This is an important step that allows us to create a comprehensive listing that is an accurate representation of your unique car. 

Completing the in-person walkaround will allow us to showcase your car to our large network of buyers that trust our thorough process and will provide offers with the same confidence as if they were seeing your vehicle themselves. This investment by Autozen is what makes our service more valuable than an online instant cash offer or services that ask you to take your own pictures and upload them.

Autozen is your go-to destination for an unbeatable auto sales walkaround experience. Our expert team ensures a comprehensive walkaround of every vehicle, providing you with the insights you need to make an informed choice. Discover the ultimate walkaround auto experience at Autozen today!

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How to prepare for your walkaround

  • Have your keys ready
  • The vehicle is insured to drive
  • License plate is installed
  • Quick tidy up inside the vehicle
  • Quick clean on the exterior to remove dirt
  • Have your extra set of tires ready (if applicable)
  • Remove any snow and/or ice (if applicable)
  • For the best photos, select an appointment during daylight or choose a location with good lighting

At Autozen, we take vehicle walkaround to a whole new level with our meticulous vehicle inspection procedure walkaround. Our dedicated team conducts thorough walkarounds, capturing every detail in high-quality vehicle walkaround videos. Trust us for the most comprehensive vehicle walkarounds, ensuring you have a clear picture before making your purchase decision.

Watch: All about the walkaround >

The walkaround visit >

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What happens at a walkaround?
During your scheduled walkaround, an Autozen Expert will simply “look over” your vehicle, at the location of your choice! Whether in front of your home or at a pre-set location, once completed, you will feel safe, secure and confident in the showing of your vehicle. The entire process should only take 45 minutes. And keep in mind, the vehicle must be insured and drivable, as we require a short, 5-minute test drive.
What you can expect:

You’ll receive a notification when your friendly Autozen Expert is on their way, one hour before their arrival. You can even track their location. Once they arrive, there isn’t much you have to worry about. All you need to do is hand your keys to the inspector and go on with your day!

Upon meeting your Autozen expert they will:
  • Take the keys to the car
  • Ask you about any major things to disclose
  • Complete the inspection
  • Hand you an FAQ sheet
  • The visit will last approximately 30-45 minutes
Your Autozen expert is professionally certified to perform a 150-point driveway inspection, they’ll do a visual check of everything and take photos of your vehicle (they will not hoist up your car or remove any parts). This helps to build a true profile of your vehicle.  With their expertise, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle will be showcased in its best light.


What your Autozen expert does:

  • Takes photos of the inside & outside of your car
  • Notes your vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Inspects the outside, inside and all surfaces; tests buttons and knobs to make sure everything works such as the sunroof, heated seats etc.
  • Investigates any scratches and use a tool to check the depth
  • Takes a 5-minute test drive:
    • Checks the car's performance
    • Checks steering alignment
    • Checks AC/Heat
  • Completes an OBD2 Scan - Not applicable for Electric Vehicles:
    • This industry-standard device is inserted and connects via Bluetooth
    • It scans the vehicle and provides us with any failure codes and a health report in PDF format.
    • It’s important to note that this step is only used to scan information, the OBD2 device does not make any changes to your vehicle.
  • Looks under the hood: 
    • Tests the battery when accessible
    • Checks oil
    • Looks for leaks
    • Completes other visual checks
  • Checks tire treads and brake pads
  • Uploads your car's completed profile to the Autozen platform
  • Enters your car into the first available auction (within 1-2 business days)

Autozen offers the best car walkarounds with our video walkaround used cars. Our expert team provides comprehensive car walkaround videos, giving you an up-close view of our quality pre-owned vehicles. Count on us for the best car walkaround experience, helping you make an informed choice when shopping for your next car.


What tires are needed? Are winter tires necessary? 

During the inspection process, we will take your vehicle for a test drive. If conditions are snowy or icy your car must have winter tires installed. However, please have your regular tires close by so we can take photos of all tire sets that will be sold with your car.

Once you have an accepted offer from Autozen, winter tires are no longer necessary. However, please have all sets of tires ready and available to be picked up.

What happens after my walkaround?

You have an offer!

Congrats! You'll receive your offer straight to your phone. Once you receive your offer, you can accept it or decline it. There’s no obligation to accept.

No offer yet? 
If you don't receive an offer we'll will reach out to discuss your options. We assess car book values closely every day so we’ll be able to update you on the supply and demand of your vehicle to help get the most fair offer.
Haven't seen your first offer yet?

This is what our industry experts are here for. Please reach out to support to discuss your options at

Experience the pinnacle of car walkaround at Autozen. Our walkaround best car videos provide an in-depth look at our top car selection. With meticulous car walkarounds and captivating walkaround video, we ensure you make the right choice when searching for your dream walkaround top car.

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