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Which cities do you operate in?

We're happy to be serving sellers in:

Ontario: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough

British Columbia: Greater Vancouver Area

Alberta: Calgary and Edmonton

What vehicles are eligible?

We have buyers interested in a wide range of vehicles. Currently we can help vehicles with the following specifications:

  • Model years 2011 and newer
  • Less than 150,000 km
  • Paid Cash or Financed (unfortunately no Leased vehicles at this time)
  • Not under "rebuilt" status

I don't see my vehicle's make, model, and/or trim in your drop-down menu?

There are a few reasons as to why your vehicle may be missing from our list. It could be that it's just listed under a different name, however it's possible that we not able to assist with certain vehicles at this time. Here are the common questions we get:

BMW - Trim Missing? Eg. If you have a M4, you'll find it under "4 series" and not "M". 

Dodge/RAM 1500 Trucks - Dodge Ram trucks had a name change in 2009 to Ram Trucks. So if you're looking for a Dodge 1500, you'll find it under "Ram" in the 'Make' drop down field.

Tesla - At this time, we are not taking Tesla vehicles into the auction. Presently, there is not enough demand to meet the significant supply of Teslas in the market. With the price decreases of new Teslas, there is an unknown impact on pre-owned Teslas, however we know there will be one. We apologize for the inconvenience and will make adjustments in the future as we experience market shifts. 

Still need help finding your make/model/trim? Get in touch with our support team immediately via the Live Chat (in the bottom right corner of your screen) during business hours or call us toll-free at 1-877-492-1453. If it's after-hours, please email us at and we will respond by the next business day. 

Why don’t you accept vehicles older than 2011?

We’ve found that vehicles older than 2011 are not eligible for bank financing. This makes it harder for us to find buyers willing to pay cash for these vehicles.

Why is Tesla missing from your drop-down menu? Why don’t you accept Teslas? 

For the time being, we have paused valuing and inspecting Teslas.

Recently, the supply of Teslas has increased significantly in the market and our buyers have too many sitting on their lots. This may change in the future as the market shifts—but for now, we apologize for this inconvenience and hope you'll keep us in mind for your other vehicles.

My car has modifications, how does that affect the value?

We've found that buyers don't typically value mods very highly (certain exceptions do apply, such as lifted trucks). To maximize the value of your vehicle, we recommend keeping your stock parts around or swapping them back on.

Why don’t you accept vehicles with more than 150,000kms / 150,000 miles?

Due to warranty limitations and how the age and mileage of your vehicle has an impact on the next buyer's future financing abilities, we’re restricted to inspecting vehicles with mileage that is less than 150,000.

My car has a rebuilt status, can I sell it with Autozen?

We do not currently accept rebuilt status vehicles. If your vehicle is found to have rebuilt status after a walkaround, it will not be eligible to continue in the auction process.

My car has some damage and mechanical issues, can I sell this car as is?

We understand things happen. In fact, many things like scratches are very minor for our buyers. During your vehicle walkaround, we recommend letting your Autozen expert know about all the problems you’re concerned about so we can address them upfront. From our experience, a best practice is to provide our buyers with an accurate first impression of your car, rather than a false one that’s discovered after the fact.

Does my car need to be insured?

Yes; during the inspection process, we will take your vehicle for a test drive and your car must have temporary driving insurance for that day at the very minimum.

Once you have an accepted offer from Autozen, your vehicle will no longer require insurance as we have our own insurance and transport plates.

What if I still have a car lease?

Although we can’t help you get out of your lease directly, we do encourage using our estimator tool to see if the current value of your vehicle is worth more than your buyout price. Your vehicle is guaranteed a certain value from the manufacturer you got it from, so why not see if Autozen can get you more from other interested buyers to make money off of your lease? Once you've completed your lease buy-out with your dealership, we're happy to take it from there!

If you have further questions, please reach out to our support team to discuss at

What if I still have a car loan?

Yes,we can facilitate the sale of your financed vehicle. Our buyer network is built of certified buyers allowing them to have the licenses to clear the loan on your behalf.

Once you’ve accepted an offer that you’re happy with, we’ll manage everything like arranging for the payout of your existing loan as well as transferring you the balance of the payment. Before we send you the final payment, we’ll need your help to validate all the information on your loan.

How to find your loan statement> 

Read more about paperwork and loans >

If you have further questions, please reach out to our support team to discuss at

Cross-regional eligibility

Cross-state qualification (US)

Yes, we are open to accepting out-of-state vehicles however, please reach out to our support team to discuss at

Cross-provincial qualification (Canada)

We do require vehicles to be registered in their region of sale. Registration and an out-of-province inspection must be acquired.

Please reach out to our support team to discuss at

Can I sell a car that is registered to someone else?


Yes, it is possible for you to sell someone else's car as long as you have the proper paperwork - we can help you with that!


List of required documentation:
  • Proof of registration in the region of sale
  • If the owner is living they must be present at the final sale. If they cannot be present, the seller must show power of attorney
  • If the owner is deceased, we can help you with process. Please contact us to discuss at

Can I list my car in other marketplaces?

You are more than welcome to list your vehicle on other platforms at any part of the process, even if you continue to stay listed on Autozen. That being said, we believe Autozen is a great resource for helping people sell their cars in a fast, fair, and easy way!

Selling with Autozen is simple

Forget the complexity and we’ll take care of everything to sell it on your behalf.