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Frequently Asked Questions

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More Q&A about how Autozen works

We've broken down all the steps for selling your car and what to expect.

More Q&A About How It Works!

Breaking down all the steps for selling your car and what to expect

General Questions

Which cities do you operate in?

We're happy to be serving sellers in:

The greater Seattle area: 

Autozen service area: Seattle

... and coming to a city near you!

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My car has some damage and mechanical issues, can I sell this car as is?

We understand things happen. In fact, many things like scratches are very minor for our buyers. During your vehicle walkaround, we recommend letting your Autozen expert know about all the problems you’re concerned about so we can address them up front. From our experience, a best practice is to provide our buyers an accurate first impression of your car, rather than a false one that’s discovered after-the-fact.

My vehicle was leased, can you still help me sell it?

Although we can’t help you get out of your lease directly, we do encourage using our estimator tool to see if the current value of your vehicle or is worth more than your buyout price. Your vehicle is guaranteed a certain value from the manufacturer you got it from, why not see if Autozen can get you more from other interested buyers to make money off of your lease? 

Once you've completed your lease buy-out with your dealership, we're happy to take it from there! 

Why don’t you accept vehicles older than 2012?

We’ve found that vehicles older than 2012 are not eligible for bank financing. This makes it harder for us to find buyers willing to pay cash for these vehicles. 

My car has a rebuilt status, can I sell with Autozen?

We do not currently accept rebuilt status vehicles. If your vehicle is found to have rebuilt status after walkaround, it will not be eligible to continue in the auction process.

Can I list my car on other marketplaces?

You are more than welcome to list your vehicle on other platforms at any part of the process, even if you continue to stay listed on Autozen. That all being said, we believe that Autozen is a great resource for helping people sell their cars in a fast, fair, and easy way!

When should I start selling? How long does the process take?

We can sell your car in a matter of days. No more dealing with scheduling people to see your vehicle - we can have your car sold, paid, and gone in as little as 48 hours! We recommend starting the process when you’re ready to get your driveway back and say goodbye!

Have you been approached by a buyer?

At Autozen, your safety and privacy are our priority. Your information is only shared with a buyer once you’ve accepted an offer to complete the necessary documentation. 


Buyers are not permitted to contact sellers without Autozen's explicit approval.


If you’ve been unsolicitedly contacted by a car buyer, please let your Autozen rep know.

Valuation Questions

My car has modifications, how does that affect the value?

We've found that buyers don't typically value mods very highly (certain exceptions do apply, such as lifted trucks). To maximize the value of your vehicle, we recommend keeping your stock parts around or swapping them back on. 

Why is my car make, model, and/or trim missing from your drop-down menu?

Currently, we only accept vehicles years 2012 and newer. If your vehicle is not listed even though it is newer you can try to find it via another category. For example, a BMW M4 is not listed under "M"; rather, you would find it under a '4 series' and the trim would be 'M'. 

If you are still having trouble, you can use our live chat on the website to connect to an agent immediately during business hours or call us directly at 778-508-9837. If it's after-hours, please email us at and we will respond by the next business day. 

Does the valuation take into account accident history or condition of my vehicle?

When you sell your car with Autozen, you'll be presented with an Initial Estimated Value and an Autozen valuation. 

The Initial Estimated Value is based on the Canadian Black Book Value and additional data we have aggregated to come as close to a real market value as possible. This estimate does not take into consideration the accident history or condition of your vehicle. We provide a range to help with understanding the potential value; however, we encourage you to use it as a guide rather than a firm value. As you can imagine, the more we get to know your vehicle, the better chance we can help determine your vehicle's unique value. 

Your Autozen Valuation does indeed factor in your vehicle's accident and damage history that is made available via a Carfax report. Every car is different and we'll help you uncover the best price from multiple buyers that will compete for your vehicle!

Walkaround Questions

What happens during a walkaround?

Walkarounds helps us gather information about your vehicle so we can present it in the best light to our buyers. During the walkaround, your certified Autozen expert will be reviewing your car, taking photos (inside and out) as well as taking a quick test drive.

Walkarounds take roughly 30-40 minutes to complete, so you can relax while they do their thing!

How do I prepare for the walkaround?

Prior to the walkaround, you will receive an email from Autozen that outlines all the things we’ll need from you - this allows us to verify ownership and make sure all the items you are including in the vehicle are taken into consideration for the auction. This could include things like spare tires, truck canopies, and so on! 

Similar to real estate showings, a quick tidy is appreciated to help see your car in it’s best light! 

Post-Walkaround & Offer Questions

When can I expect to get my first offer?

All cars that are inspected before 5pm daily will be ready for the next available auction. Otherwise it will simply be ready for the following one! 

Auction schedule (Pacific Time): 

Monday 1-4pm
Wednesday 9am - 12pm
Friday 9am - 12pm

At the completion of each auction, your offer will be presented to you within 1 hour. If you didn’t receive an offer, your vehicle will automatically be listed on the next auction. 

If you don’t get an offer right away, there’s no need to worry! We’ve seen offers that come in on the 1st auction or even the 4th or 5th. We ask that you allow for a few showings to allow us to get you your best offer for your car. If you’re pressed for time and have not yet received an offer, please reach out to our Customer Service team at 778-508-9837 to chat about your options. 

I’ve got an offer! What now?

Congratulations on your offer! You’re so close to selling your car and we’re sure you’ve got lots of questions on what’s next. We’re here to support you, and we leave it in your capable hands to decide whether to accept or decline the offer. There is no obligation to accept, we just ask that you inform us on your decision!

I want to accept the offer, what do I do now?

That’s great! Just follow the steps and click “accept” in your notification email to get started on processing the deal.  You will be contacted shortly by an Autozen Customer Service Agent to walk you through the process of completing a transaction.

I want to decline the offer, what happens now?

We understand if your offer didn’t meet your expectations, we know that it can happen as it’s the nature of the market. Your car will automatically re-entered in the next available auction and will wait for another, higher offer.

Completing a Transaction

I’ve accepted the offer and an Autozen Agent has contacted me, what’s next?

You’re almost there! You will be sent instructions via email on your next steps that include how you’ll receive payment for your vehicle as well as information on how your car loan will be paid out (if you have one that is). 

We’ll arrange to pick up your vehicle in the next 7 days from this point, unless you have stated otherwise earlier on in the process.

Remember, we’re not charging you anything for the pickup, your vehicle’s buyer will cover the pickup fees.

After you have decided on your preferred method to receive payment, we will arrange for an Autozen Agent to pick up your vehicle right from your home, along with keys and other essential items that were listed as a part of the transaction to be delivered to the buyer.

What are your payment methods?

We offer two options:

1. Interac e-Transfer - you can expect funds to be deposited in your account within a few minutes of your vehicle pick-up! 

2. Automatic Deposit via Electronic Funds Transfer from our Scotiabank account - in this method, we will transfer your payment prior to picking up your vehicle (with a confirmation statement from Scotiabank verifying the payment). Please note that as this is a safe and secure payment method for a large one time sum of money, so although we have officially transferred the funds to you, it may take 4-6 hours for your bank to process and deposit the money into your account. We will require a direct deposit form or a VOID cheque in order to deposit the money into your account. 

When will you pick up my car?

Our team will prepare all the official paperwork for you. Once that's done, an Autozen team member will arrange a pick-up day and time that is convenient for you. We aim to complete the pick-up in 1-3 days after accepting your offer unless you’ve notified us otherwise.

How and when will I receive the payment for my car?

Here's what to expect:

1. Our team works with you on finalizing all necessary paperwork like the Transfer Tax Form 

2. Select your preferred payment method 

3. Get paid according your preferred method at the time of pickup!

If you’ve selected Interac e-transfer, you can expect the money to be deposited in your account as you’re waving your car goodbye! 

Remember with the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) option, the transfer will be complete at the time of pickup but may require 4-6 hours for your bank to deposit the amount into your account.

You’re not alone.
Our team will be with you every step of the way.