Update on Tesla Model 3 Prices: A Follow-Up

Back in September 2023, we shared an in-depth analysis of Tesla Model 3 prices and their popularity on our platform, Autozen. Due to the high interest in that blog post, we want to provide an update on recent trends and market shifts.


Photo by Charlie Deets on Unsplash

Q1 2024 Decline and Q2 Recovery

In the first quarter of 2024, we observed a significant decline in the value of the Tesla Model 3. This downturn can be attributed to several negative headlines about Tesla in late 2023, including issues with Tesla chargers in cold weather and Hertz's challenges with their Tesla fleet. Additionally, controversial statements and positions from Elon Musk further impacted market sentiment. Hertz's decision to sell their fleet of Tesla Model 3s and flood the market in early 2024 temporarily depressed prices.

However, in the second quarter, we've seen a rebound to more reasonable values, with an overall normal year-over-year depreciation. We expect prices to remain relatively stable throughout the summer, barring any major news affecting Tesla.

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Original Blog

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