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Edmonton, nestled in the heart of Alberta, has long been a focal point for car enthusiasts seeking unique and exceptional vehicles. The city's love affair with automobiles is evident in the various car auctions that grace its landscape. If you are in the market for a good deal on a used car, check out the in-person and online car auctions in the Edmonton area. And if you want to sell your car through an online auction, Autozen offers a dynamic platform that caters to the sellers of good-quality cars.

Car Auctions in Edmonton: Unveiling the Thrill of Finding Your Dream Ride

Whether you’re looking for a classic car for summertime cruising, or need a late-model vehicle to replace your current wheels, buying through an auction can save you money, but you do need to do your homework first. Always walk into an auction room or log on to an online platform with a clear knowledge of the used car market so that you don’t get carried away and place too high a bid.

Start by checking out the various car auctions available in the Edmonton area. On their websites, you will see what cars are being offered for sale, and what condition you can expect from auction vehicles.

Note the estimated retail value, but don’t get too excited when you see low bids early on in an auction. Seasoned auction-goers know that it’s best to wait until the last minute of an auction to place a competitive bid, as that way others won’t have an opportunity to make a higher one before the auction closes. As well, sellers will usually have a reserve price below which they won’t consider offers, so a real low-ball bid is just a waste of time.

Drop by some dealerships in your area to get a feel for what the used car inventory is like right now, and what condition you should expect in a good used car. This can help you manage your expectations when you start seriously looking through auction listings. 

Edmonton Classic Car Auction

For those captivated by the nostalgia of vintage automobiles, every July Michener Allen Auctions holds a Classic and Collector Timed Auction. Whether you bid online or travel to inspect the vehicles before placing bids, this auction features a wide range of classic and collectible cars.

Edmonton Car Auction Sales

Edmonton is well-served by its car auction sales, held year-round by various companies. Let’s look at a few of the best!

BidDaddy works on the same principle as eBay; as a buyer, you browse through the listings, bid on a car that strikes your fancy, and if your bid is accepted, you will be put into direct contact with the seller to complete the transaction and arrange for pickup or delivery. Fees are paid by both parties only after the sale has successfully concluded.

IAA holds site sales and online timed auctions on a regular basis throughout the year. Their stock is mostly vehicles with light damage or mechanical issues that will need to be repaired before your car can be registered.

CoPart is one of the largest online car auction platforms in North America, but you also have the option of checking out local vehicles at their location just south of Edmonton before bidding on them. Especially if you’re new to the world of online auctions, this is a good way to get the best of both worlds: you can give the vehicle a really good inspection in person, but also bid from the comfort of your home. If you can’t make it to where the car is, you can purchase a Copart Condition Report that includes videos, photos, and details of the car’s condition.

Stewart Belland Sales holds frequent online auctions of cars and trucks, and you can usually arrange to view available inventory at their location in Nisku, west of Edmonton. 

Guide to Navigating a Car Auction in Edmonton: Tips, Tricks, and Insider Insights

Alberta is different from all the other provinces in that people don’t usually need to use a broker to buy a car from an auction. In fact, all you need is a piece of government-issued Photo ID for most vehicle purchases!

As discussed above, make sure to do your research first and know the book value of the cars you’re planning to bid on. Don’t get carried away by the thrill of the auction and bid too high! There will be other cars to buy, so don’t spend money you can’t afford.

Remember that an auction is “buyer beware”. You won’t be getting a guarantee or warranty when you pay for your car, so if you have the chance to inspect the vehicle before bidding, do it.

If you need financing to pay for your car bought at auction, make arrangements with a loan company ahead of time. Once your winning bid has been accepted, you will have to pay about 10% immediately, and the balance within a few days at most. You won’t have time to scramble for cash after the auction has ended.

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Got a Car to Sell in Edmonton? Auction it with Autozen!

If you want to buy a car at auction in Edmonton, you’ve got some good leads up above, but what if you want to sell your car through an auction? Autozen has got you covered! If your car meets our criteria, an Autozen expert will inspect your car, take photos, and create a listing for our next online auction for dealers from across the country. All you have to do is accept the winning bid, and within days we’ll pick up your car and pay you your cash! You don’t have to worry about advertising, dealing with buyers, and handling the paperwork that goes along with selling a car: Autozen does it all for you!