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Get the benefits of 100+ buyers competing to give you the best offer, without needing to leave the comfort of your home! And the best part... it's free

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How Autozen Works

Here's how it works! 

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Sell your car from your sofa

From photos to final paperwork, Autozen takes care of everything and makes sure it’s done right. We even deliver your sold car to the buyer.


Get a competitive offer

Our large network of buyers compete for your car. That means we find you the one-in-a-hundred buyer willing to pay the most.

Best of all, there’s no fees for sellers, so the entire offer amount goes to you.

100+ buyers are
looking for cars like
yours right now

We're proud to share our Google Reviews!

No uncomfortable haggling

We bring you an offer from our buyers which you can choose to accept or decline. There’s no obligation.


Your safety is
our priority

We ensure your safety in all aspects of selling your car. Your personal information is kept private, money transfers are handled securely, and there’s no need to meet any random strangers.

You're in good hands
with Autozen.

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