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Due to warranty limitations and how the age and mileage of your vehicle has an impact on the next buyer's future financing abilities, we’re restricted to inspecting vehicles with mileage that is less than 150,000.

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"...and within 3 days my car was sold and picked up, and at a price that was much better than what the dealer offered. All without leaving my home. Painless, no hassle, and the people are very flexible..."

Nikki M.
Former Audi Q5 owner
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It's our job to showcase your car in the best light.

Our process is designed to help you sell your car quickly without any pressure or hassle. Our team will support you throughout the process and empower you to make the best decisions.

Autozen does all the work, but you always remain in control.

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Arnaud - CEO @Clearly
2010 Mini Cooper

"We got more than what we thought. It's a bidding process so you really get the highest possible value..."

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2022 Hyundai Kona

"I tried several other platforms... and did not have a lot of success. Autozen came in and saved the day."

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Andrew & Sansan
2021 Toyota RAV4

"We 100% recommend this service and this company, without a doubt"

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Here are just a few of the most recent vehicles our users have sold with us.


2018 Ford F150

8.4k over trade-in!


2020 Telsa Model S

41% over dealer's offer!


2018 Honda Civic

3.42k over trade-in!

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